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The 9 priority subsectors (Productivity Nexus) selected contribute 30% of Malaysia’s gross domestic product (GDP) and 40% of total employment.

Retail and F&B

The subsectors are (Retail): Non-specialised Stores, Automotive Fuel, Food & Beverages, ICT, Household Equipment, Cultural and Recreation, Trade via Stalls and Market, and Trade not in Stalls and Markets;

(Food & Beverages): Food Services, Beverages Services, and Event Catering Services.

Electrical & Electronics

The subsectors are (Electronics): Computers and Peripherals, Electronics Components and Board, Communication Equipment and Consumer Electronics;

(Electricals): Electric Motors and Generators, Domestic Appliances, Wiring and Lighting & others.


The subsectors are Accommodation Services, Food and Beverages (F&B) Services, Travel Agencies, and Cultutal, Sport & Recreational activities.

Machinery & Equipment

The subsectors are (General Purpose): Air-conditioning Machines, Compressors and Pumps, and Lifting & Handling Equipment; (Specific Purpose): Metal-forming Machinery, Mining and Quarry Machinery, and Agricultural Machinery.


The subsectors are ICT Manufacturing, ICT Trade, ICT Services, and Content & Multimedia.

Agro Food

The subsectors are ……………

Chemicals & Chemical Products

The subsectors are Base Chemicals & Basic Plastics, Multispecialties, Focus Specialties, Industrial Gases, and Agrochemical & Fertiliser.

Private Healthcare

The subsectors are Health Services, Residential and Care Activities, and Social Work.

Professional Services

The subsectors are Engineering, Legal, Accounting, Advertising, Architectural and Consultancy.